Our Secret Formula
What’s our secret formula?

Nutty professors? Computational mathematics? Anti-matter?

Nah. None of the above. Our secret formula is far simpler: serving with integrity, providing innovative products, and delivering a high-quality customer experience.

We’ve been in the disposable glove business for nearly 30 years, and are proud of our reputation as an innovative and forward-thinking manufacturer who always places the customer first. That’s why we continue to service some of the largest and most discerning distributors of disposable gloves in the industry today.

Medisafe Technologies is one of the few industry participants offering hand protection solutions in three different polymers: Polychloroprene, Isoprene and Nitrile. So irrespective of whether you seek products relating to Examination or Surgical, regular-cuff or long-cuff, finger-textured or full-textured, we’ve got the solution for you.

Come experience the MedisafeWay™.
You’ll swear it is pure science.