Polychloroprene Examination Gloves
The Green Glove Everybody’s Talking About

• Huge advantage of stable, multi-month pricing

• Product differentiation in a crowded Nitrile Exam market

• A glove that combines the best of Nitrile and Natural Latex

• Offered in both Exam and Surgical variants

• Full commitment to this polymer with patent protection

When you want the most comfortable hand protection out there, the choice is clear: Medisafe’s Chloroprene Exam glove.

There is no other glove in the industry that offers the dexterity, elasticity, and extended-wear comfort that a Medisafe Chloroprene Exam glove does.

Medisafe’s Chloroprene Exam glove offers the best of both worlds: the comfort and fit that gloves made of Natural Rubber Latex provide, but with the synthetic strength that gloves made from Nitrile offer. A totally unique and proprietary chemical formulation distinguishes Medisafe’s Chloroprene Exam from any other glove in the market today. Contact us today to get samples of the Green Glove the entire industry is talking about.