Medisafe Technologies
They said we were too small.
They said we were too niche.
They said we were too out of the way.
They said we’d never make it. 
They were wrong.

Today, Medisafe Technologies stands tall as one of Asia’s most respected Surgical and Examination glove manufacturers. We are proud to supply our products to the world’s largest and most discerning glove distribution companies. Our customers choose to partner with us because of the innovation we bring, the quality we uphold, and the service standards we define.

Medisafe leads the way in technology, manufacturing excellence, and automation. Our production facility in Medan, Indonesia, is recognized by customers the world over for being the most advanced of its kind. We have won numerous awards for our operational excellence, and our commitment to a sustainable and an environmentally responsible production philosophy.

Yet, with all of what we’ve accomplished, we don’t plan to rest on our laurels. We constantly challenge ourselves to redefine, reinvent and reinvigorate the hand-protection industry like no other glove manufacturer has ever done before. It only can’t be done until we do it.