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Our ads showcase our corporate attributes and professional values.  Take a closer look at our most recent print ads and see if you can pick out what makes us tick!

We Are YTY

We are YTY


Tuning the Noise Out

Turning the Noise Out


Three Decades of Professional Excellence

Three Decades of Professional Excellence


Innovation Is In Our Blood


Nobody Engineers Them Better


It Only Can't Be Done Until We Do It


Our Secret Formula

Our Secret Formula


The Green Glove

Polychloroprene Examination Gloves


We are YTY

When you engage with YTY,
you engage with a company that provides
awesome, incredible, and
unique solutions.

We focus on solving issues, not just making sales.
We innovate. We energize.
We love our customers just as much as they love us.
We’re honest and trustworthy.
We play by the book.
We do what we say we will.
We continuously redefine the playing field.
We raise the bar.
We hire the best, and make them better.
We never forget to have fun.
We make the world a better and safer place.

We are YTY.

Turning the Noise Out

As a Buyer seeking high-quality Examination gloves, it’s not easy to tune out the noise these days.

There is a lot of marketing spin out there. Companies who rate themselves as the biggest, the largest, the greatest. But if you really focus on the details, you will realize there are very few companies that compare to YTY.

YTY is a company that focuses on ethics over ego.

A company where performance is more important than personality.

A company where innovation is prioritized over individualism.

A company that strives to not just meet our customer’s expectations, but to exceed them.

With a corporate DNA built on service, integrity and creativity, honed over the past 30 years, it’s no wonder that YTY today ranks as one of the industry’s most reputable, ethical and respected manufacturers.

Reach out to us today so that we can show you why, when it comes to providing world-class hand protection solutions, YTY marches to the beat of its own drum.

Three Decades of Professional Excellence

Three decades of professional excellence.

Thirty years of serving our customers with innovation, quality, and reliability.

Multiple awards and recognitions for being the best-in-class for what they do.

These are just some of the reasons why we are considered the market leader today. And while we are truly humbled by the faith our customers and suppliers have put in us to date, we are just getting started.

Our commitment to product and process innovation has never been greater, and to this end, we’re working on a number of innovative solutions that will redefine the concept of hand protection.

At the same time, we continue to invest in people, processes and systems to develop a series of proprietary technologies that cannot be replicated.

Throughout all of this, we never forget that a “customer first” mentality is the primary reason for our success. You have our assurance that this unwavering commitment to customer excellence will remain.

Reach out to us today and allow us to show you that when it comes to your hand protection requirements, why YTY is the partner you need.

Innovation is in Our Blood
We can’t wait to show you what’s next…
Innovation has always been in YTY’s blood. We were the first to come out with a thin-weight Nitrile glove.  The first to introduce a Polychloroprene Examination glove.   And the first to bring science to the art of production.

Despite our size and scale today as one of the largest manufacturers within the disposable glove industry, we retain an organizational nimbleness and innovative spirit that harkens back to our roots.

While we keep a low profile, we’ve been working hard behind the scenes to create truly unique products.  In fact, YTY will soon launch a hand-protection technology that will revolutionize the industry.  Again.

Stay tuned. We can’t wait to show you what’s next.
Polychloroprene Examination Gloves
The Green Glove Everybody’s Talking About

• Huge advantage of stable, multi-month pricing

• Product differentiation in a crowded Nitrile Exam market

• A glove that combines the best of Nitrile and Natural Latex

• Offered in both Exam and Surgical variants

• Full commitment to this polymer with patent protection

When you want the most comfortable hand protection out there, the choice is clear: Medisafe’s Chloroprene Exam glove.

There is no other glove in the industry that offers the dexterity, elasticity, and extended-wear comfort that a Medisafe Chloroprene Exam glove does.

Medisafe’s Chloroprene Exam glove offers the best of both worlds: the comfort and fit that gloves made of Natural Rubber Latex provide, but with the synthetic strength that gloves made from Nitrile offer. A totally unique and proprietary chemical formulation distinguishes Medisafe’s Chloroprene Exam from any other glove in the market today. Contact us today to get samples of the Green Glove the entire industry is talking about.

Our Secret Formula
What’s our secret formula?

Nutty professors? Computational mathematics? Anti-matter?

Nah. None of the above. Our secret formula is far simpler: serving with integrity, providing innovative products, and delivering a high-quality customer experience.

We’ve been in the disposable glove business for nearly 30 years, and are proud of our reputation as an innovative and forward-thinking manufacturer who always places the customer first. That’s why we continue to service some of the largest and most discerning distributors of disposable gloves in the industry today.

Medisafe Technologies is one of the few industry participants offering hand protection solutions in three different polymers: Polychloroprene, Isoprene and Nitrile. So irrespective of whether you seek products relating to Examination or Surgical, regular-cuff or long-cuff, finger-textured or full-textured, we’ve got the solution for you.

Come experience the MedisafeWay™.
You’ll swear it is pure science.

At Medisafe, while our production facilities may be complex, our promise to each customer is simple: provide great products with unparalleled quality and consistency, delivered with our award-winning customer service.

It’s this commitment to excellence that has resulted us in winning multiple awards and commendations from our customers, and from the community at large, be it for our environment compliance, social advancements, or employee engagement.

Reach out to Medisafe, and let us show you that when it comes to building deep and long-lasting customer relationships, why nobody engineers them better.
Medisafe Technologies
They said we were too small.
They said we were too niche.
They said we were too out of the way.
They said we’d never make it. 
They were wrong.

Today, Medisafe Technologies stands tall as one of Asia’s most respected Surgical and Examination glove manufacturers. We are proud to supply our products to the world’s largest and most discerning glove distribution companies. Our customers choose to partner with us because of the innovation we bring, the quality we uphold, and the service standards we define.

Medisafe leads the way in technology, manufacturing excellence, and automation. Our production facility in Medan, Indonesia, is recognized by customers the world over for being the most advanced of its kind. We have won numerous awards for our operational excellence, and our commitment to a sustainable and an environmentally responsible production philosophy.

Yet, with all of what we’ve accomplished, we don’t plan to rest on our laurels. We constantly challenge ourselves to redefine, reinvent and reinvigorate the hand-protection industry like no other glove manufacturer has ever done before. It only can’t be done until we do it.