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Our Corporate Social Reponsibilities
We are committed in protecting the environment to create a safe and healthy workplace with clean surroundings conducive for all its employees to work in.
A clean and healthy workplace is essential, not just for productivity, but as a resource to care for the welfare and health of all its employees, the community and the environment as a whole.
In so doing, we commit ourselves to contributing positively to the development of the community in which we serve and to be a good corporate citizen.
Our Community Reponsibilities

Every year we organise various community programs as part of our social contribution to our surrounding community.

Our community programs include:
1) Visiting Welfare Homes for the Elderly
2) Visiting Welfare Homes for Orphan
3) Providing financial assistance to the local schools
4) Blood donation drive at our manufacturing plants.
5) Providing Industrial Training to graduate students
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