YTY Launches Skinz— The World's First Low-Weight 2.5g Medical-Grade Nitrile Examination Glove

YTY has launched Skinz, a revolutionary new product which, at 2.5 grams, is the lowest weight, medical-grade Examination Glove in the world!

In creating Skinz, YTY set out to engineer a single-use Nitrile Examination Glove with prudent barrier protection, stand-out levels of comfort and fit, and exceptional physical properties.  We are proud to note that with Skinz, we have achieved all of these targets.  Donning this truly revolutionary glove feels like you have put on a second skin — it is that amazing!

Skinz has been perfectly formulated through a proprietary composition to allow for high-speed manufacturing, and will be offered with the same guarantee of quality that YTY is known for within the industry.

Skinz is ideally positioned for environments where:

  • A more cost-effective hand-protection solution is needed;
  • A differentiated branding strategy is desired to ensure existing brands are appropriately segmented;
  • Opportunities exist to upsell against Vinyl gloves, thereby providing a vastly superior product with minimal extra spend; or
  • A lower cost of entry is desired for specific emerging markets

Please contact us to discuss this technology further, or reach out to your YTY Sales representative for additional detail.

Low-Weight Nitrile Examination Glove